Thursday, 29 May 2014

MMM 2014 week 4 round up

This week has been a bit harder. I've been having a difficult week and actually I've discovered it's pretty automatic to me to wear my me mades, it's definitely not automatic to photograph myself. Part of the challenge to myself for May was to interact with the blogging/sewing world by posting on Flickr. This I have spectacularly failed to do. Oh well, I don't believe in beating myself up for things I'm essentially doing for fun and there's always other Mays. 

So without further ado and without much show, here are my me mades for this week:

Day 25: bicycle print skirt as yet unblogged). I failed to take a photo of this at any point. My hangover kicked in about half an hour after I got dressed and totally stamped all over the plans I had to take pretty bike pictures in the park!

Day 26:
Me made: Plantain t shirt (blogged here). I love this t shirt despite its flaws and wear it a lot. 

Day 27:
Me made: another plantain t shirt (unblogged). I'm going to do a round up of my various unblogged top posts soon. 

Good luck for the final push everyone! 

Thursday, 22 May 2014

MMM 2014 round up week 3

I'm a little bit late with this round up, last nights Flora dress outing resulted in zero blogging ability by the end of the night!

So this weeks me mades are clothes suitable for for warmer weather because the sun has finally hit the UK! Yay!

Day 17
 Me made: bicycle print skirt (as yet unblogged, it will be blogged as this skirt was also drafted by me!)

Day 18
Me made: dress (as yet unblogged, I actually took the photos to blog about this ages ago but I am a bad blogger)

Sorry these photos are terrible.  I have a fancy camera on loan and I had no idea how to turn off the flash.  They will be documented and blogged about shortly!

Day 21

Me made: my Flora dress again, blogged here. This was worn for my friend's 30th birthday drinks. Happy birthday Dominika! It had to make it through a whole day at work first and I'm not sure the dipped hem is work appropriate. 

Good luck to all with the final week of me-made-may! See you next week for the last round-up.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

MMM 2014 week 2 round up

So again this week I've been wearing quite a few me mades. My selection of 3 are: 
Me made: lady skater dress, blogged here. For once I have nothing to criticise about this, I love it, I want to wear it everyday. 

Me made: swallow fabric renfew top (unblogged) and Colette meringue skirt (pre-blog). Next lesson I've learnt from MMM is that I sew and wear a fair few items but I'm truely rubbish at taking photos of them so that I can blog about them. 

Me made: My refashioned kilt, blogged here (please excuse the chaos that is my living room, it seemed a good idea to strip the sofa as well as having my cutting mat on the floor). I love this (although I hope this is one of the last times I wear it until autumn, it's May for gods sake, I really shouldn't need a wool skirt and thick leggings). However, lesson learnt about this is that I really need to start using my iron at times when I'm not dress making. The pleats in this could really do with a press! 

See you all next week for the next round up. 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Me made May 2014-week 1 round up

So week 1 of me-made-May. I really haven't done too badly, I've actually worn something me made 6 out of 7 days but as I committed to 3, that's what you're getting, as the others will certainly crop up in rotation in the next few weeks. 

Day 1: plantain t-shirt, blogged about here
I wear this t shirt a lot. I really love the fabric and also as it just has a simple turned hem, it's perfect tucked into skirts which is how I wear most tops. Sadly it was a victim of my sewing machine failure so there are a few puckers in places there shouldn't be so I would like to make some 'perfect' versions. 

Day 3: Flora dress; blogged here
I made this dress specifically for the wedding I attended this day but it was brilliant and stood up to everything I put it through that day so there will be more Floras in my life!

Day 6: bird shirt; blogged here
This shirt was one of the first things I made and I've learnt a lot since then but I'm still pretty pleased with this blouse and I love the fabric. At times this shirt feels too tight on the ribs and although my sewing knowledge has increased, I still can't tell why this is. Its not tight all the time and actually it's got quite a lot of ease but sometime I feel like it's constricting my rib cage. It's made from quite a stiff quilting cotton and I suspect when I'm slumping in my chair at work it doesn't have enough give to cope with my inelegant posture. However this is just a supposition and any light anyone can shed would be gratefully received.

So that's week one done. See you all for next week's round up. I'm heading over to the Flickr group to check out everyone else's amazing outfits. 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Flora goes to a wedding

One of my many cousins was getting married this weekend and I had nothing to wear!  Time to crack out the Flora pattern I had just treated myself to.  This newest pattern from the By Hand London girls has been all over the blogosphere and everyone has been raving about it.  Justifiably, this pattern is amazing! It came together really easily and fits perfectly.  I made the version with the dipped hem.  It was made from a flowery cotton lawn from my stash that I bought ages ago in Paris and lined in a red cotton lawn from Simply Fabrics in Brixton.

Posing in the Stephen's Green Park (Dublin) after the service:

Invisible zip amazingness!

Look at the full circle skirt go!

This is my best lined garment to date.  It's so pretty on the inside.  You can't tell from this picture the zipper is a dark green.  I couldn't find anything that matched the external fabric and I figured 'well it's meant to be invisible, right?'  Totally paid off as it is not visible on the right side, I'm very pleased.

Messing around in wedding outfits is fun!  I really love this dress but as ever I have a couple of things that make me sad.  Firstly, the fabric creases like crazy as evidenced in all the above photos (sitting in a church for an hour left lines all over my newly ironed dress!)  Secondly I'm not sure I like the dipped hem on me, I'm still considering!

I was delighted to be there to share this really special day with my lovely cousin and his new wife and really pleased I had something pretty to wear so I didn't let the side down.  Congratulations to Kevin and Liz and lots of best wishes for their life together.

Last but not least thanks so much to my special bag/drink holders and photo takers!