Monday, 19 December 2016

Embracing the colour

Months ago I ordered this stretch cotton from SewCrafty with the express purpose of making a pair of Sew Over It, Ultimate trousers.  However, when the fabric arrived I got it into my head that I hadn't ordered enough (no idea why, as it was the perfect amount) so the fabric got relegated to my stash.

However, recently I pulled it out again and came to my senses!  I sewed it up really quickly into another pair of Ultimate trousers.  I don't really have a lot to say about this as I've made a number of other versions before here and here.  I love that I now have a pair of well fitting trousers that as an added bonus, come together really quickly.  

I really needed some more trousers for my wardrobe and while these are fun and fill a gap, the next pair should maybe be in neutral colour!  Although I think the next pair of trousers I make may be a pair of Mia jeans.  I've had loads of compliments on these when I've worn them though which is always a bit of a boost to my confidence.

 Most of these photos were taken by my flatmate in our extremely messy garden (thanks Grace) and she managed to catch one of me picking the only apple my little apple tree produced this year.

I hope you're all enjoying preparing for Christmas and I look forward to seeing the wonderful outfits that pop up on your blogs.  I'm off to finish some last minute Christmas presents.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

An unusual vintage make

I'm squeezing in another vintage make before the end of the year.  I've been really enjoying making clothes from vintage patterns this year and this is now my eighth vintage make of 2016.  I've far outstripped my pledge.

I bought the pattern in a charity shop earlier in the year and the price of 75p is still attached.  However, I've forgotten where I picked it up.  It's an unusual pattern, the Wikia entry tells me its from the early 1960s. This means that in addition to sewing up 8 of my vintage patterns, I have also covered three decades with these patterns.  This was my only pattern from the 60s, one was from the 80s and the rest were from my beloved 70s.

The pattern is meant for knit fabrics and is the oldest knit fabric pattern that I've ever seen.  However.I found some of the construction details a little odd, as it uses darts and facings and suggests a zipper closure in the back.  This maybe because I've previously only used more modern knit patterns.  I was wondering if it was because knit fabrics were relatively new back in the early 60s so the patterns were still adapting to the qualities of the fabric?  Let me know if you know better.

I used this cotton jersey from girl charlee and made up view B, with the fabulous cowl collar.  And I've only just realised that I've made up a very similar dress to the pattern art version, although I've got squares rather than flowers.  I mainly followed the instructions, although I omitted the zipper as the dress was roomy enough and had enough stretch to pull over my head.  There are no instructions about using zigzag stitches or adapting to the knit fabric in any way.  I don't know if this is because they assumed we knew to do this or because people didn't adapt to knits in the same way in the 1960s.  Anyway I treated it a bit like a woven, since I figured it wasn't going to be stretching much and so just used straight stitches.  I've worn this a lot since I made it and so far no stitches have popped out so hopefully this was an ok decision.

The dress is a little big on top, although it fits great on the bottom.  I guess that's the curse of one size patterns (and lazy people who avoid making adjustments where possible) but it's not too much of an issue and I quite like the slightly blousey effect when it's worn with a belt, which I always plan on doing as the total lack of waist is not a look I go for.
I love the collar on this dress. My favourite 70s patterns all have big collar details, maybe that's what drew me to this 1960s pattern.  I think this may be my favourite vintage pattern make of the year!

Monday, 5 December 2016

Time to curl up in the warm

Todays post is a bit of a funny one.  I have some lovely, snuggly new pyjamas to show you, however I also have a warning.  I'll kick off with the serious.  I was in a cycling accident a few days ago; a car hit my bike and sent me flying.  Now relatively speaking, I'm fine.  I have an impressive collection of swollen and bruised bits and some stitches to my face but I'll be better in a few days.  I was wearing a helmet so the damage to my head was minimised and my stitches are a result of my smashed glasses. However, the bike accident is too common an incident so my warning today is to both cyclists and drivers.  Cyclists, please do all you can to make yourself visible and WEAR A HELMET and drivers please be bike aware, we have just as much right to be on the road as you but are much more vulnerable.

Normally I'd make sure I was a bit more put together for these photos, even though they're photos of pyjamas but I decided to take these now, when I'm still a bit battered, just as a reminder to everyone to be careful.
Anyway in what might be the best timing ever, I finished a super snuggly pair of Sew Over It's Ultimate pyjamas a few days before my accident.  Just what was needed for several days lying around and recovering!
You're getting a very special preview of my Christmas pyjamas.  For the first year in a long time, I'm spending Christmas in Ireland again so snuggly pyjama bottoms with a Belfast t-shirt is very appropriate attire I think!

I bought the pattern as soon as it was released.  Sew Over It are killing it with their pattern releases, I never fail to want all of them and am finding my will power useless at resisting snapping them up instantly!  They sell it as a super easy and speedy sew and I can verify that this is so true.  In addition to this pair, I have also made a pair for my sister.

Now lets get real about this, pyjamas are never going to be the most flattering of garments.  Particularly as I fell between a small and medium and so I made up a medium and they are pretty roomy but they are so comfy.

I love the elastic waist with extra ribbon tie, usually patterns have one or the other.  I've been hunting for a good pyjama pattern, as the Carolyn pyjamas and a big 4 pattern I've tried just didn't quite hit the sweet spot.  However, this is it.  I used a brushed cotton that I've had in my stash for ages.  I bought it on Goldhawk road years ago, as part of some bargain bundle one of the shopkeepers convinced me into buying. This was it's perfect use, its so warm and cosy.

Anyway I'm off to have another nap in my new pyjamas.  Happy sewing people.