Wednesday 11 September 2013

Parasols in the park

I found this amazing fabric in a shop on Goldhawk Road, I took one look at the umbrellas and I had to have it.  I knew I wanted to have a dress made from this fabric, but which one?  I had this pattern in my stash:

One super short 1970s (I think) tennis dress, Style 4588.  I decided to make version 1.  I love this dress, but it needed some serious length to be added.  This dress pattern is short, which is why it comes with a pattern for matching knickers! I was hoping to add enough length so that the general public didn't get to see my knickers, matching or otherwise.  I added a good 15cm but even so this the dress is still not the most modest in my collection.  I never play tennis but I do cycle a lot and usually like my dresses to at least vaguely cover me while I'm cycling, this one doesn't!

The pattern came together without too many hitches but as the fabric was so thin, I had to line it.  However, I got lazy and decided that I was just going to double the pieces rather than create a proper lining, the inside definitely does not have that lovely sleek look of a properly lined garment.

I had only purchased 2m of this fabric and it's directional so I didn't have quite enough for the whole dress.  There is a little patch where I've had to add a bit to one of the front pieces.  I don't think it's really obvious unless I show it off though.

Can you spot the piecing?

The sleeves and the belt are made from an old shirt of my Dad's, I'm impressed by how perfectly this old shirt in my stash matched the main fabric.

I was desperate to finish it quickly as I wanted to wear it during a trip to visit my sister in Paris.  I got most of it done, except for the hem which I ended up finishing it in the sun in the Butte de Chaumont (Parisian park). 

This is what my sister got on with while I was completing my sewing:

Some photo's in a friends garden:

Things to change for next time:
I'm not sure I love the neckline, I think a v or scoop neckline would be better on me next time
Finish some bits better, especially in the sleeves where my pinked and folded hems are obvious
Add some more to the length
Maybe pinch some excess fabric out of the back (although I don't currently know how to do this)

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