Wednesday 18 December 2013

More haste, less speed

The sewing blogging world has gone silent or is full of posts about how we're all in a mad panic to get everything finished in time. I definitely fall into the later category. Did anyone watch the The Great British Sewing Bee Christmas Special (those who haven't watched it should definitely check it out) with joy but also a little bit of sadness that there is no way I will have a chance to even attempt any of the lovely things they were demonstrating between now and Christmas. Maybe for Christmas 2014!

Being under serious time pressure is making me do silly things! Look at this:

This is the second seeing machine needle I've broken in a week! The first one, in fairness was not my fault but this one was definitely a case of too much haste. I'd left a pin in what I was sewing and the needle didn't like it. Oops! 

Hope your present buying/making is going a bit more successfully. 

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