Tuesday 19 August 2014

Lady skater peplum top

So I have already spoken about my love for my lady skater pattern, it was definitely my best pattern purchase ever and at the risk of boring you I have another version to show you.  This one however is a hack so hopefully holds some interest.

The hem is not as uneven as this photo makes it look, I just didn't arrange myself well enough for this photo.

It's been a while since I adjusted the pattern pieces for this but I think I just measured the 9" or so that Amanda recommends on her blog post and cut.  I made no alterations to the waist length or anything which was a bit of a gamble as usually I find peplums look really awful when the waist is too high but I guess since the bodice hits my waist at exactly the right place, the top has worked out ok.

A little bit about the fabric because making a plain white top is unlike me, although this is definitely a much needed item in my wardrobe.  I spotted this textured jersey in the offcut bin at Simply fabrics in Brixton.  Honestly, one day that shop is going to stop getting all my spare cash!  The raised chain like design woven through the fabric made it catch my eye and I knew I had to have it.  Hopefully you can see the cool texture in the above photos.  This is part of my drive to make some more solid staples, I need to focus on finding solid fabrics with interesting details so that they will fit into my wardrobe or convince myself that I can make patterns with clever details in a solid colour and the world will not fall apart!

I'm proud of myself and my first step towards neutrality, however those among you who need a bit of pattern in their lives, don't worry about me, I have several makes in the pipeline which have a lot of pattern going on!

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