Sunday 14 September 2014

One week, one pattern!

I was so excited to take part in this challenge.  My blog wasn't around and I was sadly unaware of the wonderful sewing blog world when this challenge was first created by Tilly.  This year it was being hosted by the fabulous Jane of Handmade Jane.  

So what's the deal?  "One Week, One Pattern! (or OWOP) is a group challenge where participants wear garments made from just one pattern of their choice, every day for a week."  

Once I had had a chance to think about it, you know and reign in all the myriad of makes that started floating round in my head, "no Alexa, you can't make 5 new Flora dresses in the time", I opted for my tried and trusted and much made lady skater pattern. 

This year the challenge was being held from the 6th-12th September. I was on holiday at the beginning of this week so the sunshine/heat levels are a bit different from the end of the week. 

Day 1
Lady skater peplum top, refashioned shorts, flip flops (gift) and 2 sunburnt patches on my ankles. 

Day 2 
This photo didn't come out first time round so I had to retake it at home.  My living room is not quite the same as a Maltese beach but at least you can see the outfit!

Sleeveless Lady skater maxi dress (unblogged as yet) and lace kimono (New Look).  I think this is my favourite outfit of the week.

Day 3
Lady skater refashioned jumper (unblogged as yet), skirt (me made), ballet pumps (Office).

Day 4
Lady skater peplum top, jeans (which I almost never wear, this is the only pair I own and they must be 8 years old!  I've been with my boyfriend for 9 months and this is the first time he's seen me in jeans!), scarf (Oliver Bonas, birthday gift) and ballet pumps (Office).

 Day 5

Lady skater refashioned jumper (to be blogged), skirt (thrifted), scarf (no idea), and ballet pumps (office). Outfit perfect for a chilly day on the southbank.

Day 6

Sleeveless maxi lady skater (unblogged as yet). This outfit was great for catching what feels like the last of the summer sun. 

Day 7
You've got my heart lady skater, navy cardigan (New Look), necklace (thrifted) and blue anchor shoes (thrifted). This dress has got to be one of the most worn in my wardrobe and sadly it's starting to show how much I love, wash and wear it.

I really enjoyed taking part in this challenge and to my surprise I found that I had had no problems wearing the same pattern for a whole week, I didn't even wear all my versions!  It also showed me how versatile this pattern is.  As I make more versions of this I feel more comfortable trying new things with it.  I've made a couple of hacks that I'm really pleased with and will blog about soon.  It was really helpful for wearing this everyday to have a mix of tops and dresses, I'm going to have a think about what other hacks I can do. 

Just for anyone who drops by regularly, there may be a bit of a pause in blogging now as I managed to break my camera (again!) while on holiday so taking photos of my makes will be a bit problematic unless I can convince someone to loan me one. 

Right I'm off to look at what everyone else has done for OWOP.


  1. Wow, I am super impressed! I love the idea of this challenge, but I think mine would have to be all refashions that I make using the same process - turn an ugly dress into a cute skirt haha! I think your blue heart lady skater is definitely my favorite! I'm working on a very similar lady skater type dress, I hope it comes out as cute as yours!! :)

    1. Thanks. Skater dresses are the best. This challenge was actually easier than I thought and I'm sure you'd be able to do it even with a small number of outfits as you're so good at accessorising. One of my lady skaters (grey jumper) is a refashion. I'm going to blog about it later (when I can take some decent photos), I hope you like it, I always love your refashion posts.

    2. Aw thanks, I can't wait to see your refashion post!! :)

  2. Great job with OWOP, lots of lovely versions and id love to see the others. X

    1. Thanks. I'm sure there will be more lady skaters appearing soon and having seen yours, some more plantains!

  3. I'm also amazed at how versatile this pattern is! You've had a great week with some lovely versions. x