Monday 13 October 2014

Flora in the best fabric ever!!!

So that's quite a statement title I've got there but I don't think it's too hard to live up to, I mean, just look at this dress! (However I reserve the right to say this about plenty of other fabrics in the future).

Parrots and ferns!  Awesome!

The fabric was this one from Fabric godmother and is hands down the most expensive fabric I've ever purchased but it was thanks to a birthday voucher from my Father so I didn't feel too bad.  I wanted therefore to make up a dress I had made before and knew that I liked and that fitted well so another Flora dress it was.

I made this dress up exactly as before as the first one fit perfectly.  It's fully lined in a cotton lawn and as the main fabric is quite thick, the whole dress feels quite heavy (I may only have noticed this as I was having to be strict about weight when packing for holiday). I wore this dress loads when I was on holiday and it was really comfy and made me feel great.  However now I'm back in the UK I feel far too cold to wear it which is why you're getting pictures of Rosie modelling it.

I never normally take pictures of the inside of my clothes as a tend to just finish seams by pinking them which isn't the prettiest of finishes. However as this one is fully lined its, really pretty on the inside and it occurred to me that if I'd fitted a double sided zip, it would be reversible.

Maybe I should make more effort with the insides of my clothes.

A final one in the sun, it seems so long ago already!


  1. Gorgeous dress and fabric! AND it looks perfect in your beautiful vacation photos!! :)

    1. Thanks, although I do think the sun makes everything look better!