Wednesday 11 February 2015

Jumper to skirt refashion

Happy Thursday people! This week has been really shitty but now the bad bits are done (hopefully, although I kinda feel like I'm tempting fate) and I'm off for a couple of cocktails with friends and tomorrow I am working from home, yay! For your pre-weekend enjoyment, I have a refashion post to show you.

I had this jumper in my stash that my boyfriend had donated last time he moved house.

I have no idea why he had it as it must have been really big on him. However, bigger size equals more fabric, so I'm not complaining and I have been wanting some more skirts which are work appropriate.

So I chopped off the arms, ribbing and cut across the shoulders below the neck line.  This left me with a (wonky) tube which I was then able to fit to Rosie.

I created an elastic waistband. I've just noticed that Lauren has put up a tutorial for the method I used so I won't bother elaborating further.  The length of elastic I used was 2cm shorter than my waist with a 2cm over lap (so finished length of elastic is 4cm smaller than my waist size). 

This left me with something that was technically a skirt but was very short so was not going to cut it as a work skirt. Inspired by the Capital Chic champagne skirt I decided to add a ruffle to the bottom .
I used some burgundy ponte scraps, left over from a nettie muslin, and pleated them the whole way along the bottom of the skirt, to create a lovely swishy bottom section. I haven't hemmed this, partly because I'm still deciding if I like this length, so far I think yes, but please chip in with opinions, but largely because I didn't have any matching thread left and having placed it firmly in the finished item pile I'm very reluctant to put it back into the WIP pile. 

Swishy ruffle!

I have worn this a few times already and had lots of compliments on it which is always nice. It works well for work too, however, a couple of things I've realised when wearing it: I should probably wear a slip with this as the jersey and ponte cling to tights (and every lump and bump).  Also I have very few tops that go with this, time to think about some work appropriate tops too I guess. 

One success for stash busting and refashioning goals!  How are you all getting on with your sewing goals?


  1. I love a functional refashion! Nice job! I think the length is perfect and versatile.

    1. Thanks so much. Also thanks for supporting my lazy sewing habits! Un-hemmed skirt it is!