Friday 20 May 2016

What to make when the brain isn't working too well

The last few weeks have been difficult ones in my world and while I want to sew my brain is not engaging well enough to produce vaguely decent results.  After a very unsuccessful attempt at a BHL Zeena dress, I realised that I needed something a bit less demanding to fulfil my distraction attempts.  So I turned to pinterest which as ever provided the answer, in the shape of this pattern weight tutorial from Tea Rose Home.  

The is a free PDF which consists of a triangle which can be used alone as template to create the mini weights (and they are very mini, each side only measures 4cm) or 4 triangles can be cut out to create the larger weights.
The instructions are really easy to follow and they come together pretty quickly.  I made all of these in a couple of hours.  They're filled with brown basmati rice, because I had a bag in the cupboard and can never be bothered to cook it as it takes forever.

One thing I would say is that you should use a fairly stiff fabric for these, like a cotton.  I used a slightly drapier fabric to make one of the mini weights and it was a pain to sew and doesn't hold the shape as well.
The ones with the pencils on are my favourite, this is a gorgeous liberty poplin from their latest collection.  Most of this fabric has been cut out to make myself a birthday dress but I'm a bit nervous about sewing it at the moment in case I screw it up and at £32.50 a metre, it's the most expensive fabric I've ever bought and I would be really gutted to make a mistake.

Look there's a mummy and baby!  I can't wait to use these when cutting out my next pattern, rather than my phone/cans/television remote/whatever is lying around that I usually use.

I have a sense of satisfaction from making these, maybe I should check out some other things I've saved to my craft board.  What do you make when your brain can't cope with the big things? 

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  1. I am a quilter, as well as a clothes sewer, and a miscellaneous things sewer, and I try to have a quilt on my frame as much as possible for those times when my hands want to work but my brain is on a recess break. Love your pattern weights. I think I'll try a few myself.