Sunday 19 February 2017

Making vintage

I've loved taking part in the vintage pattern pledge the last couple of years and last year I was particularly prolific with my vintage makes. I made 6 patterns from the 1970s, 1 from the 1960s and 1 from the 1980s.

The challenge isn't running this year and I thought about making my own pledge anyway, however, apart from 'make vintage patterns because you love them', I couldn't think of a specific pledge.  So this vague, 'make vintage' mission statement is going to be my pledge for this year.

 A few weeks ago I pulled this selection of patterns from my stash as some of the patterns I'd like to have a go at this year.  However, I'm clearly fickle and almost as soon as I'd put the selection together, I remembered this pattern and decided to have a go at it, instead of one of this carefully curated collection!
This pattern is from 1989, so despite not being as old as I am it still counts as vintage-I'm not sure I can cope with this concept if I think about it for too long, so moving swiftly on...  Despite being Vintage, this style of top feels pretty on trend as its one that I see everywhere at the moment.

It's a pretty simple design and construction was so easy.  Although, basically its constructed like a woven, including no instructions for a knit interfacing.  While the pattern is meant for stable knits, I do find this a bit confusing, particularly as the pattern is really not that old.

Apparently I'm incapable of standing like a normal person, my flatmate yelled at me to stop my feet being at crazy angles and there isn't a single photo where my shoulders are level.  Damn! That's my career as a model down the tube then.

I used a ponte that I'd bought from classic textiles on Goldhawk road, and while they have some lovely fabrics, this was not one of them.  Once I finished making it, I ironed it and actually managed to melt a bit of it and while I love the polka dots, the fabric doesn't have the cosy feel I'd like from a sweater. While it's fitting a gap in my wardrobe at the moment, this may end up being a wearable muslin.
The sleeves feel pretty big and I'm trying to decide whether to trim them down a bit.  I feel a bit like I could fly with the way that they are at the moment but a) I'm lazy and b) I've had lots of complements on the top as it is.  Anyway, I'm off to ponder that and make a start on my next project.  Have a good week everyone.


  1. I really like your new top and although from a vintage pattern I agree that it is right on trend with today's fashion.

  2. There are some fantastic patterns in that assortment! I particularly like the Simplicity dress with the puffed sleeves - it's glorious. The photograph for the Style dress amuses me far too much. Were see-through dresses really a trend people were embracing at the time? "What to wear when society says you have to put on clothes but you really don't want to..."

    1. That's my favourite too! Maybe the 'modern' take on the Style pattern should be making it in an opaque fabric!