Sunday 7 May 2017

Me Made May Days 1-10

I contemplated not blogging about Me-made-May this year as I'm doing daily photos on instagram but then I realised that even if no one else reads these posts as they are repetitive, I love having my previous years documentation of what I've worn each May and the reflections of my style, life and the weather that they represent.  So without further ado, here's what I wore at the beginning of May 2017.

Day 1

My Mia jeans, stripey Dolores top and owl jumper for a walk up Boxhill with my sister and a friend.  A lovely bank holiday start to the month.

Day 2

Refashioned Galaxy dress and vintage jumper for a day at work

Day 3

 Vintage jersey dress, belt donated from my mum and RTW cardigan for a day at work and dinner out with friends.

Day 4

I failed to get a photo but I wore my ultimate trousers for a day in uni

Day 5

 Ultimate trousers and embroidered top for another day in uni and dinner with a friend.

Day 6


A Saturday spent fabric shopping makes me look this happy!  I wore a Sutton blouse (unblogged) and my spotty woollen skirt.  This photo was taken approximately 5 mins before I spilt food over me!

Day 7

I wore my new Flint trousers and my vintage coat to go visit an exhibition and the Crossrail garden at Canary wharf.  I have been wearing this coat all week, I'm glad I got a photo with me wearing it.
Day 8

Pleather circle skirt, I love this skirt but the fabric was pretty crappy quality so it's looking fairly battered now. Liberty Mathilde blouse and rtw cardigan. Even with my vintage coat, I was freezing today. Temperatures were distinctly un-spring-like! This may be why I look quite so grumpy in this picture, although I suspect it's more a sign that I needed to go to sleep!
Day 9
African wax print vintage shirt dress. This may be one of my favourite things that I've made. Its got some of my favourite colours and is nice and bright while still being smart enough for work.
Day 10
My Flint trousers with a thrifted top and cardigan. Just warning you now, these trousers are going to feature a lot this month. I'm in love and am already working on 2 other variations! 

Anyway, life got super busy again so sporadic blogging will be resumed. Follow me on instagram for (slightly) more regular updates, I'm @almostahippy. Have a lovely weekend folks.

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