Wednesday 9 July 2014

Bicycle skirt

As previewed in my last MMM post, this skirt has already had some wear. There is plenty wrong with it but I'm ridiculously proud of it. It's my first 'self-drafted' skirt (although I think describing it as drafted may be stretching things a bit far!)  However, it is certainly my first garment made without a pattern which I feel is a great first step to making more complex garments.  Also its amazing how much you learn doing things for yourself even when starting out at this really basic level. 

The fabric is brilliant, black cotton with lilac and purple bicycles on it.  I made the waistband from an old shirt that my dad donated to my refashioning pile, which happily matched the bicycles perfectly.  Although I think I should have used a heavier interfacing for waistband as it creases like crazy. The skirt was 2 rectangles with 5 little box pleats across the front and back and a 10" invisible zipper at the side. 

Close up, spot the bicycles!

I love it, I've worn it loads and can even wear it to cycle in! 

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