Saturday 5 July 2014

Sporty summer sewathon: birthday Deuathlon shorts

I've been a bit absent from my blog of late, life's been busy and I've been doing some selfless sewing which I haven't wanted to share yet (that and I suck at getting photos of stuff!)

Today is my amazing little sisters birthday! Since she doesn't regularly read my blog (plus the poor thing has to work today) so I'm not spoiling anything by sharing her gift with you now. 

Leonie is super sporty and pretty much lives in her sports gear so when I was thinking of sewing her a present, sports clothes seemed an obvious choice. Also since she lived in France she has habitually worn black, with my penchant for colours and patterns I obviously can't get on board with that so decided to shock her back into colours with my gift. 

I wanted to enter this for Did you make that's sporty summer sewathon but as I haven't given her her present yet, she wasn't able to model it for me, so I had to do the honours. These aren't a wonderful fit on me but then they're not meant for me!

Quite colourful really, aren't they?

 Look pockets and everything.

 An attempt at a jumping jack! My old P.E. teacher would be so proud.

Another first: my own hand made labels. My mum bought me these for Christmas but it felt a bit odd putting them in clothes for myself but in a garment for my sister it's a little bit exciting to have my own labels!

A little bit about the pattern, it was the deuathlon short pattern from Melissa of Fehr trade. This is the first Fehr Trade pattern I've tried and it came together really easily, I made the capri length leggings but the pattern also covers biker and booty length shorts. I did find the sizing a little strange xxx. Generally though these were a great make, simple, straightforward and I can vouch for them being comfy. Once Leonie has tested her colourful leggings for size I've got another pair planned for her in this fabric:
Yes, I will wean her off black (or plain unadorned black at least!)

I also have loads of the tiger print fabric left so I may even make myself a pair for cycling in! All in all a successful make and one I'd try again. I've been considering attempting to take up running, maybe crazy colourful leggings will motivate me!

Happy birthday Leonie!
Sorry photo taken in a bar!

Hmmm why is cake eating not considered a sport?  This is one I could get on board with!


  1. Oh wow, those colours and fabric combos are amazing. Thanks for taking part in the Sporty Summer Sewathon!

    1. Thanks so much, I can't wait to crack on with the tiger print pair!