Tuesday 27 January 2015

Pretty in pink-New look 6873

My last New Look 6873 skirt was one of my hits of last year. When doing my hits of 2014 round up post I promised another one would not be long in arriving, and here it is:

Construction details: As before I made version C.  My first version of this skirt fits perfectly but is a bit short to wear to work so on this version I added some length (it's been a while since I cut this out so I don't remember exactly how much). In the first version of this skirt I added an invisible zipper as a) I like the invisible nature of invisible zippers on all garments and b) sewing them is my most mastered zipper technique. However I wanted to push myself this time to sew a lapped zipper. 
It's not too bad as a first attempt. It does actually shut better than it seems in this photo but I couldn't fasten the hook and eye on Rosie. Inserting the lapped zipper was made more difficult by the thickness of this wool. I must have torn it out and redone it at least 3 times. It is now not perfect but I can live with it. One of my aims for this year is to get better at sewing in zips.

The main body is made from a really gorgeous soft wool which I bought at sayeeds on a trip to Walthamstow a few months ago. Although I wear my previous version of this skirt all the time, each time I do, I wish it was lined so as part of my bid to create a wearable wardrobe, I fully lined this version. The waistband is faced with a scrap of cotton which I used to make my Nicola blouse. The lining of the skirt is a cheap satin which was bought on the same trip as the wool. I hemmed it using some bias tape from my stash. It in no way matches but this does not bother me for an invisible hem. What do you think? Are non matching interiors ok or a sewing crime? 

This skirt has been worn lots already and I can count as a first success in terms of my goal for 2015, of making a wearable wardrobe.

I'm sorry about the photo quality in this post (again).  It's official, I am the hand of death for all camera's, so despite being given a lovely new camera for Christmas, I have had to take these on my iphone while my less than 2 week old camera goes off to be repaired!  This is the point where I ask for your advice, does anyone have any good recommendations of camera cases?  The same thing keeps happening to my cameras, the lens attempts to extend when it's inside the case, hits the side of the case, can't go any further and spontaneously combusts!  So it's time to invest in a handbag proof case!  Any recommendations welcomed.


  1. I think non matching interiors are one of the joys of home sewing and in no way a crime ;)

    1. Thanks. I'm totally convincing myself that it's better for my stash busting to have non-matching interiors.