Saturday 10 January 2015

Stash busting

Having spent some time over the weekend tidying my house, I have come to the conclusion that my nearest and dearest might be correct when they assert that my fabric stash is taking over the house!  No amount of 'tidying' has been able to hide this fact.  Specifically I have accumulated a stash which contains a large number of wovens and many, many buttons.  Therefore in addition to the goals set last week I must add stash busting to my goals. This is particularly important as I may be moving house later in the year and will not have as much space as I do now.

Crazy isn't it?  And this isn't even it all!

However this is not just straight forward stash busting for a number of reasons
1) I think I have a stash of fabrics I don't actually want to use. I'm not certain about this but I need to take this year/time until the summer to work out what it is have and why I'm not using it.  I need to decide whether I can find a use for my stash or if I should recycle/gift/donate it . 
2) Part of my stash is clothes which have been donated for refashioning and although this fits with my more refashioning in 2015 goal, I find refashioning some things more difficult than other, so need to decide what I'm likely to ever refashion and what should be recycled in another way. 
3) some of my stash has been gifts from sentimental sources and I'm reluctant to get rid of them so need to find a use for them. 

However, I do need to get a handle on my fabric stash so, therefore, I pledge to not buy any more fabrics until Easter when I will re-assess, the exception to this is if I need a lining fabric or similar to finish a project that is mainly made from stash fabric.  At this stage I need to have used, or disposed of a chunk of my fabric and I can set myself a new stash busting goal.

I do not have an out of control stash of patterns, however I could do with using a few more of them, particularly the vintage ones.  I get lured in by the call of new shiny ones and I really need to stop buying patterns.  So to help with this I have signed up to the Vintage pattern pledge again.  Last year I committed to making 4 items from vintage patterns and I only actually managed 1!  This year I signed up to make 4 again and I vow to do better this year.  

Please tell me some of the rest of you have let your stash get this out of control!  I'm not alone in my fabric hoarding am I?