Tuesday 15 September 2015

Shirt refashion

Hi all, happy Tuesday!  Today I've got a refashion to share.  This refashion is basically a mash up of two tops; a green mens shirt that inherited from my dad when he decided that the collar had become too worn to be respectable any more and a failed McCalls M6604 top that I made at the same time as the first one which was frustrating as they both had the same fitting issues.  I loved the peacock fabric though, so I hung onto it to use for a refashioning project.  

I decided to use the Belcarra pattern as it lends itself well to mixing two fabrics. I have used this pattern several times before but oddly none of them have made it to the blog. 

I cut the sleeve and neck binding pieces out of the failed top.  You can't see terribly well in the photo above but the shirt had a pocket which I removed, before cutting the body pieces for the Belcarra from the shirt. I wanted to make a feature of the shirt placket on the back of  the top so I cut the back piece of the Belcarra with the placket running down it.  The shirt buttons themselves were boring so I got some self cover buttons (in 2 different sizes)  and covered them with the peacock fabric and stitched them where the original buttons had been.  I also created a little bow to decorate the back with.

Sorry about the massive crease but I had been wearing it around town.

It a party in the back but the front feels a little boring when I can see both sides.  My sister kindly took these photos and she's great at getting creative with shots like this.

We took these on a lovely afternoon out together looking at a boats.  The boats were part of a show, I'm a little sketchy about what the point of this was but there were were pretty old boats that I could look at so I wasn't complaining.  I get a little geeky about old transport.
One of these little boats took part in Dunkirk and has been redone and is still sailing the seas, how cool is that?

This wheel was purely decorative, clearly put there for goofy people like me who like to play with stuff without having to do anything difficult like be outside in the cold and rain or learn to sail.

I thought you might like this totally confused out-take.  I'm not sure what my sister was asking me to do here but it made my face do this:
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