Tuesday 22 December 2015

...And another top

Hi all.  It's been a little while.  What with work and uni stuff and all the upcoming Christmas pressures it's been a bit hectic in my world.  And while I haven't been finding much time to sew, I have been knitting up a storm which sadly I can't show off yet as the finished items are mainly Christmas gifts.  Anyway today I do have a finished item to show you, it's another top!  Having realised earlier in the year that I really needed to make some tops as there was a real gap in my wardrobe, I think I've become fixated on making tops now.  This one is another Angelica top from the little black dress book, I love my first one despite some of the fit issues and wanted another one. 

I got the fabric from the man outside Sainbury's in Walthamstow.  It's a lovely soft viscose and I love the geometric, animal print and at £2 a metre I couldn't really resist.  One slight shame is that there are some flaws in it which I didn't notice until I'd sewn up the top, they're not super noticeable but it does detract slightly from the awesomeness of the top in my head.  I've got most of the fit issues sorted.  I took loads off the side seams and waist but I don't think I've taken quite enough off at the hips as the excess fabric there feels a bit disproportionate-next time!

I wore it a few weeks ago on a trip to the Bath Christmas market when it was significantly colder than it is right now (what's going on with the weather?) and I refused to take my coat off for most of the day so we only got a couple of indoor photos of the top.  I really recommend the Bath Christmas market though, its prettier and full of a lot less trash than lots of these markets are.  I managed to get quite a few lovely gifts for people while I was there.  I realise that with less than a week to go this information is really only helpful for people local to Bath but for the rest of you, I recommend it for next year.  I bought some of these chocolate tools (how cool are they) and these ceramics (I wanted to buy all the ceramics but my sister talked me out of it-my bank balance thanks her!)

Anyway that's me signing off for Christmas folks.  Hope you all have lovely festive periods, whatever you're up to.  Merry Christmas!

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  1. Your new top looks great! :) I can't see any flaws in the photo, I guess their not really noticeable because of the print. Thanks for the Christmas market recommendation and merry Christmas to you, too!