Sunday 10 January 2016

2015 Retrospective

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you all had a lovely festive period. I had a very manic Christmas and New Year although it was lovely to catch up with lots of family.  However, the return to reality has been tough which is why I'm slacking behind on this retrospective.  I hope you aren't completely over seeing them yet!

2015 was fairly awful for me personally but I did have some highlights; I moved in with my lovely boyfriend and am grateful, as ever for the support and laughs provided by my wonderful friends and family.

Despite everything that happened personally last year, I did manage a fairly respectable sewing output.  I made 5 skirts, 2 pairs of trousers, 1 jumpsuit, 14 tops/jumpers, 5 dresses and 1 bag.  Actually what's even more impressive is that among these completed makes there were fairly few fails, I like to think this is because I'm getting better at fit and choosing fabrics (however, it's also partly because I didn't finish many things that were not working out!)

My hits of 2015 were:
1. My pleather circle skirt. I think this is probably my favourite make of this year and I get compliments on it ever time I wear it which never hurts!

2. My Ultimate Trousers with the ankle zips.  I feel like these are a really good make and I love the zip detail which drove me crazy when I was making it but I now feel was totally worth it.

3. Discovering the Dolores batwing pattern.  I have plans for many more of these, it's so easy to knock up, doesn't eat much fabric and its super flattering.

 4. I love this pencil skirt and wore it loads.  The pattern needs some further tweaking to get it right but my first version is a win for the fabric and sex appeal of the classic pencil skirt.  2016 should definitely see another Mathilde in my life too.

5. My 1980s top.  This was one of my makes for my Vintage Pattern Pledge.  I made two versions of this pattern and got so much wear out of this one in particular.

Also this year I really upped my game with knitting, although most have been gifts for other people which didn't make it to the blog.  However, I now feel confident to attempt lots of new garments and patterns, although my output is pretty slow.  I would like to make some more knitted items for me this year.

My goals for this year were:
to refashion more
to make a pair of trousers
to focus on separates
to be involved in more sewing challenges
and an extra one which was added in later which was to stash bust.
I've been pretty successful at all of these, although I haven't done as many refashions as I would have liked and the stash busting went really well until about September when I fell off the wagon.  My focus on separates has led to success in my quest to have some everyday wearable outfits which pleases me as it means that I can wear me-made most days. This year I participated in a number of sewing challenges which were definitely some of my highlights this year; I achieved my Vintage Pattern Pledge of 4 garments, participated in me-made-may and took part in the sew independent sew indie month. Win!

Most of my fails didn't make it to the blog as I tended to chuck my fails in the corner in a huff rather than take pictures of them for the blog.  For the most part these were dresses, which I tended to attempt to make for events but didn't leave myself enough time to fit properly.  However, of the makes that made it to the blog, there were a couple of fails.

 My Bronte top.  I just can't get over the poor fit and it makes me cross, I picked a really poor fabric which didn't help.  The ladies in the facebook stashbusting sewalong group were super helpful with ideas about the fit but I couldn't face another bad top so haven't tried another one.

My halter top refashion.  I love the idea of this and in the photos it looks so great (I think) but it's too loose at the upper back and I didn't want to risk flashing everyone so it didn't really get worn.

Generally I feel like I'm really improving my skills but still have a long way to go and to be honest I'm enjoying just being on this journey and learning along the way at my own pace. This year my goals are:
1. To focus a bit more on detail.  Both in terms of designing a garment but also in relation to techniques.  I think I want to start getting more stuff right than just to get it done.

 2. To take part in sewing challenges again this year, they were some of my highlights of 2015 and I'd like for them to be an equally great part of 2016.

3. Make (finish) more dresses.  While I'm very happy that I've made everyday separates, I'm sad that I don't have more pretty dresses. So this year I want to make some dresses. I really lack 'special' handmade outfits, this year I'd like to be able to wear something handmade to one of the occasions I'll attend this year. I just need to ensure I leave myself  enough time.

Phew that felt like an epic post!  Happy 2016 all and I look forward to our sewing adventures this year.

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