Friday 29 January 2016

Where I manage to make my life more complicated

So today I'm going to tell a story of how I took a well explained, relatively simple pattern and manage to make a series of ridiculous errors! However, fortunately it has a happy ending. 

I had been coveting the Paprika patterns Jade skirt pretty much since its release. I'm not sure why it kept getting pushed down my 'to buy' list, especially as I had the fabric I wanted to make it up in in my stash-a ponte that I bought from minervacrafts a couple of years ago. 

I love the way the stripes go crazy directions with the pleats!

To make allowances for a lack of stretch in my fabric I cut a 5 on the waist grading to a 6 at the hips. This was an error on multiple fronts, as my measurements meant that I should have made a 4 at the waist, grading to a 5/6 at the hips. Firstly, I really should have checked the fabric recommendations in relation to stretch, the stretch needed for the skirt is not that great!   Secondly I really need to get my head around the idea that there is a significant difference between my waist and hips, and cut out accordingly.

This was my first time making a paprika patterns pattern and I found the instructions really clear and I loved some of the user friendly details of the pattern such as the tiny pattern pieces for interfacing-not strictly necessary but super user friendly.  With this pattern there is also the added bonus of technique tutorials and videos on the paprika patterns website. So far so good, however then I started making errors.  I followed the video to create the pleats which made it really straight forward but somehow I kept managing to drop them out as soon as I started stitching.  I must have repeated this step about 5 times, I cannot tell you how frustrated I was!  I got there in the end though thankfully.

I love the exposed zipper detail and I don't why it looks like there is a pucker at the bottom but I can assure you that there isn't.  Having spent some time working on my exposed zippers for my last pair of Ultimate trousers I decided not to look at the paprika patterns tutorial which was a shame because   their tutorial ensures that the exposed zipper looks as good on the inside as its enveloped between the lining and outer shell.  My freestyle method left an unclean finish on the inside which is sad as the rest of the construction leaves a lovely neat finish on the inside.

Despite all my self criticism, I now have a new skirt that I love.  The pleats are a very cute detail and the skirt is a really wearable addition to my wardrobe.  I'm also really glad that I've found a new pattern and pattern company that I got good results with.  


  1. Ah, someone else who does complicization! Great skirt. I have a jumper pattern from Paprika on my to do list, I even got it printed at a print shop, but it has so many pattern pieces that I'm scared to start! (hooray for a metric version of the shop print pdf though)

    1. If it's any consolation I found the instructions really straightforward so even if there are a lot of pieces, hopefully your jumper should be fairly straightforward to make.