Saturday 9 April 2016

From one extreme to another

My last post was about the most summery of summery dresses and I was dreaming of summer sewing but the freezing UK temperatures got to me and the first thing I sewed once I got back was a pair of gloves! 

These gloves are a refashion and I've made them before here. However I wore them to death and now wanted some more warm snuggliness to wrap around my icy fingers. 

Having made them before I knew how to construct them and there were none of the two-left-handed issues I'd had last time. Also boy do these things come together a lot faster when I could run them through my speedy overlocker. 

As my plentiful supply of moth eaten/shrunk in wash jumpers were all pretty plain I decided to embellish them with buttons and embrodery thread from my stash. 

These were such a welcome addition to my wardrobe last weekend as I went back to Ireland for a wedding and in the truest Irish tradition the weather was apocalyptic! Luckily the weather in the UK has perked up a bit so hopefully I won't be needing them again for a while. 

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