Monday 24 October 2016

Getting back to basics

There are times when making a basic can be so satisfying!  I had a metre of this gorgeous wool in my stash, which came from Simply fabrics in Brixton a year or two back.  I think I'd bought it for exactly this purpose but as any of us with a sizeable fabric stash know, buying the fabric happens much faster than sewing it up!

I used New Look 6873.  I've made view C a couple of times before, here and here and really wanted to try view B.

I love making patterns that I've made before because a) they come together much more quickly and b) its really easy to know the adjustments that need to be made.  I lengthened this pattern, by about 5cm and added a lining but other than that, I made it up as instructed.

The lining was made from some gold rayon scraps that I had in my stash.  You can see the threads that make up the dots from this side too.  I thought the wrong side was really cool and if I'd had more of the fabric I'd have been tempted to use the wrong side for something too.

The skirt and waistband are really not this wonky, I just couldn't get it to sit correctly on my mannequin.
I love the curved yoke on this skirt, it makes it sit so well on my body (although not on my mannequin).  However, trying to get photos where you can see how awesome the spots look was really difficult!

This is my entry for Rosie's sewdots challenge.  Go and check out the other makes and donate some money to this worthy cause!
I'm really happy with my new, perfect for twirling skirt!

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