Saturday 8 October 2016

Lisbon photos and a couple of Anya bags

Last week my sister and I spent a few glorious days in Lisbon and I finally got round to taking some photos of the Anya bags that I'd made us.  Zoe sent me this pattern to review almost a year ago and although I've now made 4 versions, I haven't gotten around to writing up my thoughts about the pattern yet, sorry Zoe.

Since these are my third and fourth versions of this bag, its safe to say that I am a fan of this pattern.  It's a great stash buster and results in a cute bag which holds a surprising amount of stuff.

This photos was taken just before we left for the airport.  At this stage my bag was holding my passport, wallet (which is a beast), phone, bottle of water, kindle, ipad and bunch of house keys.  It's doing pretty well isn't it?

My sister chilling with our drinks in the 31 degree heat, coming back to the UK was a bit of a shock to the system. 

My version is made from a Cath Kidson upholstery weight fabric, with a polycotton lining and my sisters is made from scraps of the tulip stretch cotton left over from my circle skirt and it's lined with the pink waffle fabric I lined my 70s coat with.  While both work fine for summer bags, the upholstery fabric holds the pleats better and makes a greater feature of them.

I made a couple of small changes to to the pattern.  I shortened the straps slightly, the pattern calls for the straps to be 80cm each and I made them about 70cm as I wanted the bag to sit a bit higher so that it would be a bit more securely under my arm and the contents safely away from pickpockets.  Instead of a button for the tab I used some magnetic snap closures for an easier fastening.  With very few pattern pieces, the bag comes together in an hour or two and the instructions are really clear.  I reckon I've got another few of these in me, they'll make good Christmas gifts in some more wintery fabrics.

And now you get a few of my Lisbon photos, so look away now if other peoples holiday snaps bore you!  I would really recommend Lisbon as a city break for anyone who hasn't been, it's so pretty and has great food and wine.
 There are lots of gorgeous views across the river, this was such a perfect lunch spot.

 I spotted this sewing machine at the flea market, it would have made such a good souvenir but sadly I don't think I could have got it through the Ryanair luggage allowance!

 A bit of silliness at the Castle walls.

 There are all these gorgeous tiled building everywhere.  Why don't we have these?

 They have lots of cool graffiti everywhere, this cute fellow caught my eye and we made friends!

Thanks so much to my amazing little sister for helping me to have such a fun holiday and for bearing with all the photography I insisted on! I hope you're all having a great weekend. 

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  1. What a great bags. They have jus the right size. You're wearing a lovely dress. Lisbon is a great place to visit especially at this time of year.