Wednesday 9 May 2018

Me made may 2018, days 1-8

I realised over the last few months that my me made May posts are the posts that I refer to the most on my blog. I think as I post fewer of my makes, it’s nice to have some document of what I’ve made and how I wear them. If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ll have seen the photos but even in the first week I’ve had lots of thoughts about my wardrobe that I don’t have the space to air on instagram.

Day 1

Starting with my love for Sew Over It patterns and a very arty picture courtesy of my sister, I wore my ultimate trousers and new (as yet unblogged, I really will get round to this) Clara blouse.  I wear these trousers a lot and each time I have recently I've been struck by how scruffy they're getting and think it's time for an upgrade.  When I was looking for the link I realised that this is because I made them 3 years ago!

Day 2

This is one of my favourite combos.  My newest Megan Neilsen Flint culottes with a Sew Over It Alex shirt, both made back in January or February.  I have three or four versions of both of these patterns now but I think only one has made it to the blog.  This is why I love the documentation of my Me Made May photos

Day 3

My Sozo Dolores dress.  This is a great pattern and I have a few tops and dresses made from it.  While I never think the dress is actually my style, I end up wearing this one all the time!

Day 4

London had suddenly become very sunny and I cracked out the tester version of my Mayberry dress to start off the bank holiday.  I want to make another version of this as shirt dresses are basically my work wardrobe!

Day 5
Another pair of Megan Neilsen flints and a recently made New Look 6217 top in a liberty lawn to do some DIY and hang out with friends in Greenwich.
Day 6

One of my Sew over it vintage shirt dresses in an African wax print for exploring London in the sunshine.  I love this dress but something happened with the hem line and its a lot shorter than my other versions so not really work appropriate, I'd like to make another in a wax print for work.
Day 7

More London exploring (we had visitors staying) in my flint shorts (get ready to see a lot of these as they're the only shorts I own and the weather in London has been incredible and I'm off on holiday on Wednesday!), plantain t-shirt and pants made from the plantain scraps.  I'm very excited by my first forays into knicker making and geekily happy when I can match them to my outwear like I did today!
Day 8
I wore my psychedelic 70s dress. I love this fabric but I was too fidgety in the dress all day, it made me feel uncomfortable as it pulled across the hips and stomach when I sat down. This has always been an issue but now I have decided that this is one for the refashioning pile (got to reuse that great fabric). 

I also decided to make a start on my coordinating wardrobe and pulled out all my summer separates and worked out what went together and what needs a match. All in all a pretty good start to me-made-may. 

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