Thursday 17 May 2018

Me Made May 18 days 9-16

This is the week where inevitably the standard of my photos start to slip!  Also as I was on holiday, doing some hiking, the limited glamour becomes even more limited!  On that upbeat note!  What have I worn this week?

Day 9: hacked lady skater maxi dress.  This was a fairly early make after I got into making my own clothes and there are so many flaws but yet it gets pulled out on a regular basis every summer, I love it!  It also never achieved it's own post, poor dress but just got entered into my round up of hacks to be made with the lady skater dress pattern.  The very unglamourous backdrop to this photo was Malaga airport because I was off on holiday!!!! Yay!!! 
Day 10:  We went hiking in the Andaluc√≠an mountains and I wore my Megan Neilsen flint shorts and the first true bias Sutton blouse that I made.  I made this a bit big so it's a bit oversized for my tastes normally but sometimes its good to have a t-shirt like this to pull out.  I really need to make some more Sutton blouses as I had another couple that I made in some lovely viscose but they frayed all the way through the French seams and are now unwearable-boo!

Day 11: All set for another days hiking in my very jazzy ultimate trousers and my mustard SoZo Dolores top.   At least they couldn't lose me up in the mountains.
Day 12: I wore the same as yesterday for the hiking part of the day and then had a much needed shower and change into a new Nettie dress for a night in Malaga.  This is my latest Sew crafty project so I will do a proper blog post about it soon. 
Day 13: I somehow managed to come down with a stinking cold, maybe it was all the exercise!  I wore my lady skater maxi again to wander around in the sun feeling sorry for myself.
Day 14: I wore my Sallie jumpsuit to brace the flight home with a cold!  It was so miserable to leave the sunshine and beach behind!
Day 15

I made it this far before forgetting to take a photo!  However, it was my first day back at work and I was ill so I think the rush to get into pyjamas at the end of the day (also me made) was understandable. I was wearing my ultimate trousers and an ultimate shift top. I’m not convinced by this top but since I was so miserable and full of the cold, I’m not sure that this is a fair judgement.

Day 16: Slipping standards!  I forgot until bedtime to take this photo so this was my best attempt with my selfie stick.  I was wearing a pair of flint trousers (I made these in an unidentified fabric from my stash which I'm not sure was meant for garments and I'm really concerned that they are not going to hold out all that much longer!), my liberty Mathilde and a new coppelia top (also a Sew Crafty project so see future blog post). 

What's lovely is I haven't struggled at all this May to find things that I've made that I wanted to wear and were appropriate for the occasion. This is really allowing me to consider style and shape preferences a lot more. 

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