Sunday 3 June 2018

Me Made May Days 17-31 and reflections

Me Made May is the sewing challenge I love the most but I'm always glad when it’s over. I get so sick of taking photos. I know Zoe explicitly states the photos are not obligatory but I love having that documentation for my records, but it gets old over a month! However, I think I only missed one day this year which is a personal best for me! This is was really thanks to my sister who took most of my photos (the good ones) and was good at pushing me to do it even when I didn’t feel like it.  I inevitably fell behind with my blogging though but if you're interested, sit back and prepare for one super long post.   

Day 17: My African wax print Sew Over It Vintage shirt dress.  This is my favourite dress so I'm surprised it took until this point in the month for me to wear it.

Day 18: Tulip Megan Neilsen circle skirt and black Mathilde blouse.  Again another outfit that I love.  

Day 19: Sew Over It Mia jeans and a Sew over it silk Cami in a liberty tana lawn.  The fit of this top is way off but I love the fabric so it continues to be worn, I like the shape of the top though so I need to do some work to get the pattern to fit better.  On the other hand, the jeans fit great but were made from a really cheap denim which is wearing poorly which makes me sad. 

Day 20: Sew over it ultimate trousers (I think my obsession with Sew Over It patterns is becoming super obvious by now!) and a hacked belladone top in a liberty tana lawn.  

Day 21: A By Hand London Charlotte skirt in a stretch cotton with a RTW top, another outfit I love.  It makes me happy when I feel like my wardrobe is rocking in the way that I want.


Day 23: 1960s jersey dress another dress that I love, I made this almost 2 years ago and it has been in consistent rotation since, I'm not sure how I haven't gotten round to making another one yet.

Day 24: Alex shirt dress.  I like this dress and wear it regularly but it doesn't entirely fit my usual aesthetic and so sometimes I struggle to work out how to wear it.  Luckily the warm weather meant no coordinating items were required.  

Day 25: I made this dress for my graduation in January. It’s the Sew over it 1940s wrap dress in a liberty wool. However the bodice sits funny, I don’t know if it’s the pattern or the fact that I made some alterations to it which I then tried to undo and I interfaced the collar with too stiff an interfacing. Whatever the reason I do not feel comfortable in this dress. I’m considering taking the bodice off and using the skirt as a stand alone wrap around skirt. I think that could be cute. 

Day 26: I wore my new Nettie dress seen on Day 13 but I didn't get a photo and I've decided that I don't feel comfortable in it and I'm going to refashion.

Day 28: Hacked lady skater dress.  This is an old one but still in regular rotation.

Day 29: top from vintage pattern and new ultimate trousers

I'm surprised as I document at how few of the clothes that I love and wear a lot, have not made it to the blog at other times.  I'm a bad blogger.  As I write these posts I think it's a shame that I don't do it more as I enjoy writing them but I really struggle to take pictures.  

This year, as quite often, wanted to use Me Made May to help me to think about how to achieve a cohesive wardrobe that works together and I feel matches my style. I feel like this year I have actually managed to achieve this, which is great. I’m not entirely sure why this was, it may be that actually this is not a process that I could do in a month and this month is actually just part of a journey I’ve been on for years. I’ve now been sewing for long enough to have a selection of clothes that I really like and I’ve been considering for a while how to balance my making desires with what goes with my wardrobe. This second part is really the thing I’ve struggled with the most and this year I was more ruthless and pulled out all of clothes and worked out what had matching items and what were the lone wolves in my wardrobe! Also realistically it helped that we had a crazily warm May so I didn’t need as many layers as normal as I’ve always struggled with cardigans and jackets that worked with the rest of my wardrobe. That’s still a problem for me but I’m pushing achieving some workable top layers to the top of my agenda, even if they’re not ones that I make. For me the process was about achieving a wardrobe I feel and look good in, not necessarily about making all of it. 

Thanks Zoe for hosting, it was great as ever. 

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