Monday 27 April 2015

Lady skater hacks

So I have spoken about my love for Kitschy Coo's lady skater pattern before, I have made a number of versions and hacks and it was my 'One week, one pattern' pattern last year. I feel it is one of those patterns that can be hacked and used in so many ways and I'm clearly not alone in this thought as I have seen so many great hacked versions of this in the blogosphere.  Inspired by Making it well's list of Renfrew hacks, I thought I'd compile a similar one for lady skater hacks.

*Probably good to note at this point that I am not affiliated in any way to Kitschy Coo and am not being compensated for this post.  This is entirely self-driven gushing! 

These are not all tutorial posts but are included as inspiration.  All photos are reproduced with permission.

Neckline hacks
This zip detail neckline hack makes me drool

Sleeve hacks
Amanda from Kitschy coo has a great tutorial on her blog for making the pattern sleeveless

Maxi hacks
In her initial review of this pattern, Delia from Delia creates had created 3 versions of the lady skater, including a maxi version which inspired me to make this summer dress (also using the sleeveless tutorial)

Wrap dress
Sabra at sew a straight line created a tutorial for modifiying the lady skater to a wrap dress
wrapped lady skater sew a straight line-4-2
This has been on my 'to make' list since Sabra first created it, I really must get on that.

Skirt hacks
I desperately want this 'Peggy dress' created by Ping
Peggy dress
Happily she posted this comprehensive tutorial:

Janelle from Sew Hopeful also used this pattern as her one week, one pattern, pattern and used it to make a couple of skirts.  I can't believe I haven't done this yet!

Top hacks
Again Amanda from Kitschy Coo has done a great tutorial for a peplum hack
I used it to create this peplum top, it was really easy to follow:

I've just spotted that Charlie of This blog is not for you has also just created a peplum top but with a super cute key hole detail.  Check it out here.  

Also the sleeveless tutorial on the Kitschy Coo blog doubles as a tutorial to create a tank top.  I'm going to use the remnants from my boat neck lady skater to create one of these.

I've also used the bodice as the base for a couple of tops which never made it to the blog although you can see one in my 'One week, one pattern' post.

Playing with details
Charlie from This blog is not for you has done a couple of great hacks.  This one has a tutorial for creating puffed sleeves but also creating contrasting side panels.
Lady Skater dress by

Vintage Lady Skater Dress by
This one includes the puffed sleeves and has a super cute Peter Pan collar.

Pattern mash up hacks
Sarah posted her Renfrew/lady skater mash up on the Katy and Laney blog:
I want one of these in my life-maybe for next autumn.

Maternity/nursing hacks
Lauren from Baste and Gather created this nursing version I'm not familiar with the standard design of nursing tops but basically Lauren seems to have created a second layer under the bodice  so that the top bit can be pulled up for easy access (spot the clueless non-mum in this description).  Hopeful her post will be clearer to you than my ramblings.  I just love the fabric she used!
Lady Skater Dress by Kitschy Coo - Hacked for Nursing

I want all the lady skaters....  Let me know if you spot any that I've missed.  Which ones do you fancy making?

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