Friday 8 May 2015

MMM days 1-7

Hello, hello and happy Friday.  I for one am so pleased that it's the weekend, this has been a long and stressful week, even though it was shorter than normal as Monday was a bank holiday.  I started by being really excited about Me-Made-May (MMM) but as this week has gone by my enthusiasm has massively waned (possibly reflective of how my enthusiasm for everything else has waned this week).  However on a more positive note, documenting the week has felt easier than I remember it being last year.  Possibly I'm surrounded by more people that I feel comfortable asking to photograph me this year.

I spent the Bank holiday weekend back in Ireland so you get a couple of more exciting photos than my usual up against a wall/door photos. 

Vintage tartan mini dress worn with a Cardigan I bought from Dunnes years ago, every time I wear it my boyfriend comments on how much I desperately need a new one as it is very worn!

Day 2:
Renfrew top (I have three of these now and for some reason none of them have made it to the blog).  This is a v-necked version.  I am also wearing a cowl that my Tante Odile made for me (I know this is not me-made but it was handmade by someone I know). Also worn with jeans (Asos) and the aforementioned Dunnes cardigan.

Refashioned kilt and Owl jumper, shoes: Kurt Geiger
This was taken at the Giant's causeway in Northern Ireland, I'll probably do a post with some more pictures of this soon as it's pretty and unusual.

Day 4:
Plantain top, jeans (Asos) and Dunnes cardigan
Sorry for crap photo and grumpy face, I'd spent a chunk of the day travelling and was tired!

Day 5:
Super windy,failing light picture taken on the Southbank!
Strawberry circle skirt (pre blog), top (Miss Selfridge), cardigan (New Look) and shoes (Asos). This is one of my favourite outfits in my wardrobe. 

Day 6:
The unimpressed face was because my boyfriend had just informed me he hated my outfit!
Refashioned skirt, shirt (thrifted) and cardigan (super ancient Primark, I'm pretty sure I bought this cardigan to wear for work when I graduated from my BSc which was 7 years ago, I really need to update my wardrobe)

Day 7:
Birdie Edith blouse, jeans (Asos), cardigan (new look)

I did also repair one garment this week-I sewed all the buttons back onto my trench coat which has been due for a while and sadly I still need as summer is being slow about arriving in the UK.

How are you getting on with MMM?  I feel that I may struggle a bit to meet my pledge as I have started to realise that there are even more gaps in my wardrobe than I was aware of.  This weeks realisation-I have almost no spring appropriate me-made skirts and no trousers so am limited to tops when wearing separates which is what I wear a lot of the week!


  1. I like your outfits! :) They look casual but feminine. I curious to see what you will wear next week :)