Saturday 16 May 2015

MMM days 8-15

How're you all doing with your me-made pledges? I have found this week a bit more challenging, partly because it's revealing to me where the holes in my wardrobe are and is leaving me feeling frustrated with my clothes. However I'm still really enjoying taking part, it's just that it's giving me a huge 'to sew' list!

So what did I wear this week?

Day 8:
Bicycle print lady skater (unblogged) I'm such a terrible documenter, I even took photos of this so that it could make it onto the blog and it just didn't quite make it.  Sadly I took the photos back in December and I was wearing it with almost the same number of layers as I am in May! It was actually raining on us when we took this photo!

Day 9:
Belladone dress and cardigan (new look). I wear this dress a lot and really need another, there has been one cut out on my work-in-progress pile for a while, I must get on and finish that.

Day 10
Spent mainly in non-me-made pyjamas as I had work to do and was feeling grumpy about it!

Day 11:
Galaxy refashioned dress-first time this dress has been worn this year :) Cardigan (new look). Sadly I didn't have a photographer today and this selfie isn't wonderful which is a shame as I really like this outfit.

Day 12
Plantain t-shirt, skirt (thrifted)

Day 13
Bicycle skirt, t-shirt (Dorothy Perkins), cardigan (Dunnes)
Again another item which is getting its first outing of the year. I'm very happy spring is starting to arrive but I would really like to not still be wearing black tights. Come on sun, time to make your way to the UK! 

Day 14
Grey skirt (New Look 6873), refashioned lady skater jumper (seen during OWOP but did not get its own post)

Day 15

Lady skater dress, cardigan (New Look, bored of seeing this cardigan yet?)

My repair this week was to fix a seam that had split in my Anna dress, so as soon as the sun arrives to stay, I'll be able to wear my lovely maxi dress again.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Ha, I know that feeling! Me Made May becomes a little annoying to me and today was the first time that I just couldn't figure out what to wear! But that's what the challenge is for, right? :) I think you chose really beautiful outfits this last week! I am a huge fan of this beautiful belladone dress! :)

    1. Thanks, I'm a massive fan of this pattern and really want some more versions. I loved your raccoon version.