Friday 22 May 2015

MMM days 16-22

Hi all. Happy Friday! Wow May is certainly zipping by, how is it day 22 already? I've been a bit less irritated by my clothes this week but I'm really working on trying to plan my 'to sew' list to create a more coordinated, wearable wardrobe. Hopefully this will be reflected in the next few makes that you see on here.

Day 16
 Birdie Edith blouse, Jeans (Asos), cardigan (New Look)

Day 17
Lady skater, belt (pinched ages ago from my mum), cardigan (new look) and shoes (asos). 

Day 18
I had a study day and spent it slobbing around in RTW pyjamas and lounge wear

Day 19
Vintage top, skirt (thrifted). I've been wearing this skirt a lot recently as it is a good basic piece which I have shockingly few of, however, I'm starting to loathe it as it fits really badly, is huge at the waist and the way it wrinkles up when I'm sitting down makes me look pregnant. Not a look I'm currently aspiring to! Time to get sewing some basics! 

Day 20
Strawberry circle. Skirt (unblogged) and owl jumper

Day 21:
Refashioned skirt, vintage top, belt (thrifted or pinched from my mum, I don't remember which) for a uni day followed by celebratory drinks for my friends birthday. Happy birthday Dominika! 

Day 22
Birdie Renfrew (unblogged), jeans 

Although I was less frustrated this week with my wardrobe, I predict the final period will be more frustrating as I have a couple of big events in this time and I think my me-made wardrobe will let me down. 

Anyway I'm off to concentrate on my Friday night glass of prosecco, I hope you all have super lovely weekends. 

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