Monday 14 October 2013

Knitting and stitching weekend

This weekend was very craft orientated.  Saturday I went to the knitting and stitching show at Alexandra palace.  This amazing show hosts all kinds of producers and retailers of knitting and stitching materials from around the UK.  Its lovely to discover all kinds of products that you've never heard of before, also I loved the ability to touch and properly examine products before buying.  I bought some amazing fabrics, like this fabulous tweed from Fabric Affair

These tweeds are just gorgeous and on their stall they have some lovely finished products made from their fabrics.  They also had a gorgeous range of linens as well.  Check out their website, it's a really great resource as they have some great free and available to purchase patterns as well as the fabrics.

Another tweed stall was Magee fabrics from Donegal, they had some lovely stuff but all I allowed myself to buy was this offcut of a blue herrigbone tweed.

Yay for the Irish producers, I knew there was a reason we had so many sheep!  I will definitely make a fabulous quilt from these fabrics at some point.

I also purchased some fabulous moss green, polyester jersey.

This stuff is so soft and wonderful and I have big plans for it, watch this space.  The photo totally does not do its fabulous colour or texture justice.

My final purchase was this amazing Paris to London postcard fabric:

How great is it?  So many plans, I need to get sewing (I feel this is a phrase I use a lot but there are always more projects to do.)

How brilliant is this knitted/crocheted taxi cab cover?  So fun, it was advertising the launch of childrens book but I just thought it was fun for me to look at too, and as a bonus in the background there is a view of London!

There were also so many fabulous wools and yarns at this show, which I wanted to wrap myself up in but I resisted buying because a) I can show self restraint, and b) I don't currently knit.  However, Sunday was spent at a knitting class!!!  Where I used these lovely yarns:

to produce these:

These do not look like much but I am proud of them, despite the mistakes (which happily you can't see in my lousy photos).  The course is going to last 3 weeks and at the end I should be able to do a variety of stitches and follow a pattern and various other amazing things which means that I can start knitting myself some fabulous if basic things and next year I can go crazy in the knitting section of the Knitting and stitching show!

Just to balance out all the crafting, Friday night cocktails came with this view:

I love London!

Sorry about the awful quality of these photos, my iphone photography skills are even worse than my regular photography skills.

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