Thursday 10 October 2013

Nicola, Alexa and Letty have tea in the park!

I can tick one thing off my stash busting list!  I have finished my Nicola blouse, yay!

I love this pattern, it's flattering and really not difficult to put together.  It's my first Victory pattern and I found the instructions really easy and clear to follow (right up until the bit where they told me to 'sausage the waistband' at which point I just had to go my own way).  It all came together really easily and I'm really pleased with it.  I made a couple of adjustments, I added 5cm in length.  I've come to the conclusion that I need to do this for pretty much all patterns.  The pattern says it is made for someone 5'7"-5'9" which should make it exactly right for me but clearly my long body issue strikes again, even with the 5cm, this is just sitting at my waist.  I also had to add some press studs along the cross over as otherwise my bra would have been on show to the whole world, which kind of defeats the purpose of clothes really!  Even with the press studs, I need to wear a vest top under this blouse.  I know a couple of other bloggers said that they had had this issue too but I'm now a little concerned about how it will sit as a dress.  Wearing 2 tops is not a problem but I like to be able to wear my dresses without tops underneath.

It was such a lovely sunny day yesterday that I went to show off my Nicola blouse in the park! Thanks to Letty for the photos!


And some general silliness because it was such a lovely day!

Letty is super clever and has just passed some important doctor exams so we had prosecco and cake to round off the photography session. Well done Letty!

This blouse is lovely and although I'm not sure its a winter essential, it should see me through autumn with a cardigan:

This photo is arty, its not that we couldn't work out how to sort out the camera!

I'm in love, a Nicola dress is certainly on the cards soon!

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