Wednesday 30 April 2014

Blogger swap

Once again I took part in the Blogger swap hosted by Martyna of Spoolish and Miche of Buttons and birdcages.  This time my partner was Liz of Western New Yorker

Look at the goodies she sent me:
1.Super cute New York journal (where Liz lives)
2. Really cute n Betty Johnson notebook and notecards.  I told Liz I love anything with flowers on and this is such a sweet set.  Also I really like sending actual letters/post to my friends so these cards will find their way to some of them really soon.
3. A dream catcher.  Liz told me that she is part American Indian and wanted to send me something that represented this.  I love dream catchers, this is going up somewhere it will tinkle away all summer.
4. A dress pattern (see below)
All parceled up in a cute little shopper
My personal favourite is this pattern.  I told Liz that I'm really into sewing with jersey at the moment and that I love dresses and look at the gem she presented me with:

I'm so excited about it.  It's no secret that I love my lady skater pattern and had planned to hack it to make a wrap around version and now I don't need to. I also have a favourite RTW in my wardrobe that is identical to view X and I have been thinking about trying to trace off a pattern from it, again, now I don't need to! Lazy me is screaming yes! yes! yes!

Thanks so much to Liz for my lovely gifts.  Check out what I sent Liz here.  And all of this months other pairs:
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