Thursday 24 April 2014

You've got my heart lady skater

This Easter weekend I went to meet my boyfriends family in the Midlands.  I was feeling totally fine about it (because, you know, obviously they're going to love me) and even a little bit excited.  Until a couple of days before I went and I had a conversation with my mum, who asked "have you planned what you're going to wear?"  No! Of course I hadn't! So, obviously I had a little freak out.  Mid freak out, boyfriend says "don't worry, they won't notice anyway!" (Men!) Swiftly followed by "well my mum's interested in the fact you sew so it might be nice if you wore something that you made", so now I had an even bigger wardrobe/packing dilemma.

However, it was lady skater to the rescue (again). I had this lovely turquoise fabric with navy hearts in my stash. And as I (and many other people) have testified the lady skater is a wonderful and super fast pattern. 2 hours sewing on Good Friday and I had a new dress, ready to show off.

This knit was really stable, more so than the knits I've used for any of my other lady skaters and I love the fitted slightly more structured look it gives. I now feel I'm comfortable enough with this pattern to start making modifications, so watch this space.

I nearly died getting the dress shots above, it was not warm enough to be playing in park with no cardigan or jacket so I kept them on for the rest of the goofy shots.

Hope you all had a very happy Easter with lots of chocolate.  

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