Wednesday 7 May 2014

Me made May 2014-week 1 round up

So week 1 of me-made-May. I really haven't done too badly, I've actually worn something me made 6 out of 7 days but as I committed to 3, that's what you're getting, as the others will certainly crop up in rotation in the next few weeks. 

Day 1: plantain t-shirt, blogged about here
I wear this t shirt a lot. I really love the fabric and also as it just has a simple turned hem, it's perfect tucked into skirts which is how I wear most tops. Sadly it was a victim of my sewing machine failure so there are a few puckers in places there shouldn't be so I would like to make some 'perfect' versions. 

Day 3: Flora dress; blogged here
I made this dress specifically for the wedding I attended this day but it was brilliant and stood up to everything I put it through that day so there will be more Floras in my life!

Day 6: bird shirt; blogged here
This shirt was one of the first things I made and I've learnt a lot since then but I'm still pretty pleased with this blouse and I love the fabric. At times this shirt feels too tight on the ribs and although my sewing knowledge has increased, I still can't tell why this is. Its not tight all the time and actually it's got quite a lot of ease but sometime I feel like it's constricting my rib cage. It's made from quite a stiff quilting cotton and I suspect when I'm slumping in my chair at work it doesn't have enough give to cope with my inelegant posture. However this is just a supposition and any light anyone can shed would be gratefully received.

So that's week one done. See you all for next week's round up. I'm heading over to the Flickr group to check out everyone else's amazing outfits. 

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