Thursday 22 May 2014

MMM 2014 round up week 3

I'm a little bit late with this round up, last nights Flora dress outing resulted in zero blogging ability by the end of the night!

So this weeks me mades are clothes suitable for for warmer weather because the sun has finally hit the UK! Yay!

Day 17
 Me made: bicycle print skirt (as yet unblogged, it will be blogged as this skirt was also drafted by me!)

Day 18
Me made: dress (as yet unblogged, I actually took the photos to blog about this ages ago but I am a bad blogger)

Sorry these photos are terrible.  I have a fancy camera on loan and I had no idea how to turn off the flash.  They will be documented and blogged about shortly!

Day 21

Me made: my Flora dress again, blogged here. This was worn for my friend's 30th birthday drinks. Happy birthday Dominika! It had to make it through a whole day at work first and I'm not sure the dipped hem is work appropriate. 

Good luck to all with the final week of me-made-may! See you next week for the last round-up.

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