Thursday 29 May 2014

MMM 2014 week 4 round up

This week has been a bit harder. I've been having a difficult week and actually I've discovered it's pretty automatic to me to wear my me mades, it's definitely not automatic to photograph myself. Part of the challenge to myself for May was to interact with the blogging/sewing world by posting on Flickr. This I have spectacularly failed to do. Oh well, I don't believe in beating myself up for things I'm essentially doing for fun and there's always other Mays. 

So without further ado and without much show, here are my me mades for this week:

Day 25: bicycle print skirt as yet unblogged). I failed to take a photo of this at any point. My hangover kicked in about half an hour after I got dressed and totally stamped all over the plans I had to take pretty bike pictures in the park!

Day 26:
Me made: Plantain t shirt (blogged here). I love this t shirt despite its flaws and wear it a lot. 

Day 27:
Me made: another plantain t shirt (unblogged). I'm going to do a round up of my various unblogged top posts soon. 

Good luck for the final push everyone! 

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