Tuesday 30 June 2015

Vintage pattern pledge; where am I at?

Happy Sunny Tuesday.  The sun makes me very happy and so the current blue skies and temperatures in the 30s are making for a good Tuesday.  I hope you are all enjoying your days.  

So last year I signed up to make 4 Vintage patterns as my vintage pattern pledge.  I failed spectacularly and managed just one.  This year I also pledged to make four, so half way through 2015, I thought I'd take stock and see where I'm at.

I find this challenge really inspirational, the sewing community creates some really awesome stuff, I'm so pleased that Kerry and Marie are hosting it.  And clearly I am feeling more inspired/motivated than last year as I've already made 2 items from vintage patterns.

So what do I have planned?

Well these three beauties just fell into my lap (via PopsVintageBoutique, and they sent me a Thank you card with the order, how cute is that).  So I'm thinking that one of them might be a good choice for my next make.  I'm swooning slightly over the halter dress and as the British summer has finally decided to arrive its shot straight to the top of my sewing list. 

I also really like this 1980s shirt dress  that I have in my stash. I even have an African wax print in my stash that I think would be an ideal fabric match. The pattern's quite similar to the one Kerry recently made. Plus I really feel that another 1980s tie top, in a cotton, would be a good addition to my summer wardrobe, maybe with the omission of sleeves. 

If I manage even one or two of those before the end of summer I'll have completed my pledge even before I start planning my winter wardrobe, when I have plans for a coat! 

How are you getting on with your pledges? 

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  1. All those patterns look so promising and I'm excited to see them in action :)