Tuesday 7 July 2015

Ultimate trousers

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take a sewing class. I've been wanting to make some trousers for ages. I see them as the ultimate reason to sew as I never wear trousers as I can't find a pair that fit properly due to my pear shape. However, until now I didn't really feel my skills were up to it and still I wanted some hand holding, even with what look like a fairly straightforward pair. I signed up to the 'Sew Over It' Ultimate trouser class in Islington.  I live not far from their original Clapham branch but had not visited this one before, needless to say, it's lovely.  They had loads of great samples of their patterns and gorgeous fabrics all round the shop, I really wish I had taken some more pictures, but I was too busy sewing and eating cake!  Instead here's a teaser shot!  

The class was led by Julie who was really lovely and straight forward and really knew her stuff. When we tried on the toiles she could give us really great specific fitting advice. I know that's why we were there and I shouldn't be surprised about this it its always really impressive to talk to someone who knows their stuff inside out. 

Actually I had very few adjustments to make to mine and probably could have managed them at home. It's not the only reason to take a class though and I had a really great time sewing in a group and having a drink afterwards with my cousin Letty who I had persuaded to join me at the class. 

These trousers are actually a really quick make and a real stash buster if you have an appropriate fabric in your stash. I was using this green cotton twill that I had ordered from Minerva crafts and I only used a metre of it. 

I have been wearing these trousers quite a bit and actually I think I have either made them a little bit too big or the fabric relaxes like crazy. I hope this will be resolved once I've washed them again although I will probably grade down a little at the waist though for the next pair. 

I wore these out at the weekend for a walk in Morden Hall Park on my sisters birthday. It was really beautiful and she was happy to act as my photographer. 

See what I mean about a little bit of excess now?  However they are super comfy and definitely the best trousers I have had in years, definitely living up to the 'Ultimate' claim!  If I decide they're a bit too big I actually have enough fabric left over to make another pair, so my legs are definitely staying green.

Usually I prefer trousers/skirts with a waistband but these hit at a really good place and I actually really like the no waistband, sometimes it's nice to have something a bit different.  My sister and I had a bottle green uniform when we were at school and you would think being dressed head to toe in a particular colour for 7 years is enough to put you off for life, however apparently it only put me off for the next 12 years, as these trousers are an almost identical colour to our uniform and I love them.

Morden Hall Park is really pretty National Trust property and has an old snuff mill in the grounds as well as a water wheel and glorious rose garden (and you can get there on the tube!)

A very happy belated birthday to my fantastic little sis and best wishes for the next year. 

Happy Tuesday to the rest of you.


  1. The color of those jeans is just great! :) And i like the more relaxed fit looks like they are relaxed on propuse! I think you did a great job! :)

  2. Ha! I know exact what you mean about school uniform. I had to wear bright red cardigans and jumpers and it took me a long time to get over that. I'm wearing a red cardi right now though. Your trousers look fabulous and the Mathilde is divine! xxx