Monday 27 July 2015

Etsy sale

So today I'm back with something a little bit different.  I recently moved in with my boyfriend (yay!) and my obscene collection of fabric and patterns is taking up space which he feels is not a good use of our now shared space.  So I have set up an etsy store to get rid of some of the beauties which I now no longer have space for.

I have put some yarn, fabric and patterns on the etsy store.  Some of the great pieces that can now be found there are:
 3m of this gorgeous peach cotton.

 1m elephant print fabric

The patterns may be of most interest to those of you taking part in the Vintage Pattern Pledge:
 A McCalls 1940s child's bonnet, coat and leggings pattern.

 This awesome 1960s coat pattern

This 1950s shirtdress pattern.

All available in my etsy store:

This sale has a dual purpose of getting rid of some of my sewing stash and enabling all of you to get some great new additions to your stash!

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