Thursday 13 August 2015

A really unseasonal Renfrew

This must be the third or fourth Renfrew that I've made and yet it's the only one that's made it to the blog, in it's own post at least.  However, I kind of wish I wasn't sharing this right now as it was a top I hoped I wouldn't need until Autumn, I know it's almost a national sport here in the UK to whinge about the weather but I'm so over our totally pathetic summer.  I want some sun dammit!  However, in the absence of knowledge on how to make the weather gods smile at me, I guess I'm going to stick with showing you my new long sleeved roll necked Renfrew.

I have very little to say about this that hasn't been said many times elsewhere so I'm just not going to bother.  I made most of it on my new shiny overlocker which was a birthday present from my mother (thanks mummy if you're reading, which actually I don't think she ever does but she is enabling my sewing so I shouldn't complain).  The only snag about having a lovely new (expensive) overlocker is that when I switched back to my sewing machine, I kinda wanted to cry.  It's so much less good, smooth and it's much louder.  However, it has served me faithfully for years and since I can't afford a new one, I should focus on how great it is to have a functioning machine at all and stop dreaming about trading her in for a better model!

Anyway, back to the top, this is actually the first time I've made the roll necked version of this top and I love it.  It's so snuggly and lovely and when I'm done been grumpy about having to wear it in August I'll be really thrilled to have it in my wardrobe.  The fabric is this gorgeous Japanese style blossom print jersey that I found in the remnant bin in Simply fabrics forever ago.  It had a great stripey border too which I really wanted to make more use of in the top but since it ran perpendicular to the stretch, the only bits I could squeeze out of it were the cuffs.  However, I love floral print it's so me and I've had loads of compliments on this top when I've worn it so I can deal with the lack of stripes.
One of the many things I love about this pattern is the length of the sleeves.  I have giant long monkey arms and I like to have my wrists covered in when I'm cold, so usually I have to lengthen the sleeves but the Renfrew sleeves hit at the perfect place for me.

Obviously on the day my sister and I headed out to take these photos the sun came out and I was boiling!  However, its gone back to being cold and grey and miserable again and I am currently snuggled up in it as I type this.  It's starting to make me dream of winter sewing plans and I haven't finished my summer ones yet!

Thanks to my sister for taking all these pictures.  Now I'm off to do a sun dance to see if the gods will smile on me and grant me some sun!

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