Monday 20 June 2016

Flora hack top

This top is one I've been meaning to make for a while. Probably since I saw the hack post on the BHL blog.  I've just checked and the date of this post is May 2014, that's a long time to think on a top! 

Anyway, having finally got myself organised to make this top, I pretty much followed the instructions on the blog.  As the instructions are nice and clear and illustrated with photographs, there's not a huge amount to say about the method. 

I made a couple of changes, firstly, I added 5cm in length to the bodice. I knew I needed to do this from a previous attempt of the wrap dress. I have a long torso so this is a standard alteration for me however, this is still a very short top, definitely crop top length.  This was what I wanted, to go with high waisted skirts/trousers, however just be warned if you want a slightly longer wrap top.    

I used a Swiss dot cotton that I picked up on Goldhawk Road. It's really fine so I would have had to line it whatever I used it for, so this Flora top was perfect as the instructions have you line the Flora bodice.  Instead of using ribbons as instructed by the tutorial, I made a couple of ties out of the fabric.  These were pretty easy to create and I think work better than a ribbon would have done with this particular top, although next time I might use a fancy ribbon as I love the version that the BHL girls made.   I made each of the ties about 80cm each which means I can tie them at the side or behind. 

While I love the idea of this as a wrap top, I think I'm actually going to stitch it shut as having worn it all day, I did spend a fair amount of time flashing my bra and was glad that I had opted to wear a scarf most of the day.  The scarf is a hand painted silk one that was a birthday gift from a friend of my dad's.  She even personalised it and there is a '30' hidden in the swirls on the scarf!  Thanks Laura.

This is my entry for Indie sewing month's 'hack it' competition.  You should head over and check out all the other awesome things that people have hacked.

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