Saturday 25 June 2016

Getting trendy

The final challenge on the monthly stitch indie pattern month is a RTW copycat challenge. While I don't really follow fashion, I am as influenced as anyone else by what's around me and there are certain trends that I can really get on board with.  The high waisted look is one I like and feel is flattering so as my inspiration outfit I chose this one from Elle magazine, from an article on how to style high waisted shorts this summer.  Really I was just drawn to the colour combos and floral pattern!

While I loved the combination I was unsure about whether I'd get much wear out of a pair of high waisted shorts. I don't really wear shorts all that much (particularly when our summer is being quite so pathetic). However I thought a high waisted mini skirt would create the look well and it gave me an excuse to buy a pattern I'd been lusting after for ages; the Tilly and the buttons Arielle skirt.

I made up the skirt in a stretch cotton I'd bought on Goldhawk Road. Those of you who stop by here regularly (and have good memories) will notice that it's the same one I used to make up my maxi skirt a few weeks ago.

The buttons are some lovely clear ones that I bought on my recent trip to Amsterdam.  The busy fabric means that the button detailing gets a little bit lost but I didn't want to make the skirt too overpowering by adding some statement buttons.

The top is my Flora hack from last week's challenge, while it's clearly not identical to the inspiration top, I felt it conveyed the cropped and very white, summer top, that seems to be everywhere this year.

You may have noticed that it is quite clearly not me in these photos. Somewhere along the path of making my carefully considered RTW copycat, my sister came to visit and suddenly this outfit became her outfit! I don't really know how this happened or how I ended up altering the skirt at 10pm one Sunday night so that she could wear it to work the next day. I never really understand how these kind of things happen in our relationship but somehow they just do!

Anyway, I probably didn't need two skirts in the same fabric in my wardrobe and it's nice seeing her get pleasure out of something I've made.  She stuck to her end of the bargain; of acting as my model for these photos and its nice to have photos of someone who is a lot better at modelling than I am and also has the useful knack of not shutting her eyes in 2/3 photos which is what I do! We took these on a recent trip to Bristol and managed to take these photos in between rain showers and visiting every charity shop in Bristol!  Sadly as the British summer time is not coming up to scratch at all, my sister had to model the outfit with tights (and really hideous shoes), so it's not quite the super summery outfit I had planned.

I now need to get planning my own Arielle!  Why should my sister be the only one with a great skirt?